5 reasons you NEED a couple's shoot

5 reasons you NEED a couple's shoot

Often when clients come as a two-some to a shoot, it is obvious that perhaps, one of the two is a little more eager to get in front of the lens than the other. Having a professional photo shoot can be a daunting thought and it may for some be a giant leap outside of their comfort zone.

However, once the couple make that leap together, they often find that their shoot is a one-way fast-track to a whole new understanding of each other…. And a damn fun time! So, if you are the “one” of the two, that thinks a couple shoot is the ultimate #couplegoals - here are a few more reasons to throw at your lover to get them in on the shoot action too!

1. Try something new

Variety is the spice of life and a couple’s shoot is a great way to spice up your relationship trying something new. Whether it is a boudoir style sexy shoot, a testament to a shared passion or a portrait for the next Christmas card you will find that being in front of the camera together will deliver all the feels and make for a unique and memorable date day!

2. Intimacy

Intimacy means different things to different people. However, at its core intimacy is about being vulnerable, sharing your fears and baring your most raw and real self with your significant other.

We can tell you right now, that the fastest way to bare yourself is in front of the lens. There is magic that comes when two people come together to capture their love for each other, and often what you see is a tender care and love for the other. Having a photo shoot will force you to share yourself with your partner and it may or may not just lead to a new understanding and dimension to your relationship.

It may also lead to other things…. Wink, wink.

The couple that "shoot" together, stay together

3. Capture who you are now

The only guarantee in life is change. Seasons change. Fashions change. And we change – individually and as a couple. One of the best things about getting a professional photo shoot vs. just getting some selfies on your next date night – you can truly capture who you are as a couple and tell your story of now.

The longer you are together the more experiences that you will have, and they may just bend and mould you in different ways. Who you are now, is not who you will be in 2, 5, 10- or 15-years’ time? Your story will change so why not remember each chapter and capture it with a fun, flirty shoot.

4. Make an announcement

As we mentioned above things change, and sometimes they are a change for the better or even the best! There is no better way to share some big news than with your own styled shoot announcement.

Whether you are moving overseas, adopting a new puppy, getting ready for your firstborn or making a big commitment and getting hitched – any reason to celebrate is a reason to have a professional couple shoot. Not only will you have epic photos for your socials to make the big announcement, but you will also have a lasting memory of the excitement and joy of that moment right before life became something different.

5. Create personal art

This one is for anyone that wants to decorate their homes with something personal but different. Beyond the straight portraits and happy smiling snaps of you and your lover, a professional photo shoot provides the platform to create a piece of art that is about you – literally!

The right photographer will get to know who you are as a couple and then tell that story in a way that represents your personality. Showcasing the little things that make you, you, can be fun, quirky and even a little abstract. With a little imagination and an open mind, a couple’s shoot can easily transcend into your favourite piece of wall art that captures you and your love in the best and most fun light!

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