5 reasons you NEED to have a MATERNITY SHOOT

5 reasons you NEED to have a MATERNITY SHOOT

Pregnancy is different for all women. Some love it. Some hate it. Some are shocked when it happens. Some try for years to reach the milestone. Regardless of where you stand, being pregnant is a time that is worth celebrating – because you are quite literally GROWING A HUMAN and that is freaking amazing!

So in honour of the ever-changing female form and the literal miracle of impending motherhood, here are 8 reasons why you should at least consider (definitely do) a maternity shoot!

1. Celebrate your body

There are really few things more miraculous than a woman’s body growing a child. Many women get concerned about gaining weight during pregnancy when what they need to do is celebrate their body and the fact that it has the innate intelligence to pro-create an actual human. Forget worrying about the scales and focus on nourishing your body, mind, and soul as you move through the different stages (some of which will definitely not be pleasant)!

A pregnancy shoot lets you take time out to remember how amazing your body is and focus on celebrating the moment. And don’t worry if nude isn’t your thing there are hundreds of other amazing styles of “belly & bump” captures that you can do.

2. Capture the moment

No matter if it is your first child or your fifth, this is the only moment in time that you are pregnant with (growing) this child and that deserves to be captured. Time flies in this modern world and there are few things that we prioritise enough that we actually slow down and cherish them.

Your maternity shoot is a chance to capture this short period of time, the journey of discovery that is pregnancy and creates a memento that you can keep forever – something that will always be able to transport you back to space before everyone was having a hold and it was just you and them.

Capturing the magic of the moment was everything

3. Bond with your partner (& the siblings)

With every pregnancy, your family alters. Whether you are going from a duo to a trio or this is number four… things are about to be different and before they are it is important to capture the pureness of what is – right now!

Maternity shoots offer you and your lover a chance to celebrate and connect before things get real! And if you have bubbas already it is a great way to bond with them and make them feel special before the late-night feeds and dirty nappies take priority.

4. Announce your news/Gender Reveal

Social Media has changed things and in this modern society HOW you announce your news is nearly as important as the news itself. A maternity shoot can be a fun and creative way to announce your impending newborn or share a gender reveal!

Think BIG BALLOONS, flowers, cake, colour and more. Whatever your imagination can conceive you can create with the right photographer, giving you a Guinness World Record kind of announcement fit for any social page!

5. Spoil yourself

The last and most important reason to invest in a maternity shoot is simple.


Yep, we said it. If for no other reason than the fact that you are about to be time-poor and at the mercy of a tiny dictator (who you totally love), this is an opportunity to take a moment and feel good – really good!

Getting a shoot that is focused on making you look and feel amazing with a team of people dedicated to your every need (of only for a few hours) is worth every cent of investment.

A maternity shoot is your chance to capture a unique moment in time, it is a chance to celebrate a new journey and enjoy a moment celebrating the amazingness of what being a woman means. It is also one time in your life when you will literally be glowing, so any photo is going to be phenomenal!

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