8 ways to feel confident naked at any size (or in any body)

8 ways to feel confident naked at any size (or in any body)

Feeling confident in life is one thing but feeling confident in your body when naked is another thing completely. Confidence, or should we say body confidence seems to be an alluring goal for many people and it does not discriminate. Whether you are a man, woman or child it does not matter when it comes to believing that your body is perfect.

Having body confidence is not about a number on the scales or what size jeans you are wearing. It's about embracing who you are and where you are in life right now so that you can choose your next steps from a place of appreciation. It's about recognising and celebrating that you are more than your body – you are a whole human being and it's the stuff on the inside (your heart, mind, soul) that makes you beautiful.

So, no matter how you are feeling today, here are some tips to dial up your body confidence and rock out in the body you have right now...

1. Pamper yourself

The first step in loving your body is to do loving things for yourself and practice body love. Having a massage, going to the salon or treating yourself to a mani pedi is NOT an indulgence, it's your right. When we physically look after our body, induce relaxation and can be in the moment, we can move out of our heads and self love and confidence comes naturally.

2. Move your body

There is no better way to boost your confidence levels right now than actually moving your body. Go dancing, swim in the ocean, try yoga, whatever it is get out and get going. Moving your body in new ways (and old) releases endorphins and builds confidence. Sex is on this list too! ;)

3. Eat your way to confidence.

They say you are what you eat, and this is also true for how you feel. Regardless of your body shape or size, when you nourish yourself with good ingredients you'll not only feel better, but you will also look better too. Simple steps like drinking more water and keeping hydrated or increasing the number of greens you eat in a day will help with all sorts of things from having clear glowing skin to reducing puffiness and bloating.

4. Buy sexy lingerie or even just a bra that fits.

Feeling confident naked isn’t so much about actually being naked as it is about embracing your body and not being scared to share it. You will be amazed at what the right undergarments will do to increase your confidence. Next time you want to create a sexy night in, take a trip to your local lingerie store and let a professional help measure you up and put you in something saucy. Then when you get home wear it, even if you are alone, and enjoy your own sexy side.

The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence - Beyonce

5. Get out of your comfort zone

You will be amazed at how effective taking a leap of courage is for building confidence. And when it comes to loving your nude body in all its glory there are a few comfort-zone breaking ways to go about it...

You can start with sunbaking nude in your backyard as the beautiful sun rays cast down on you. And for those in a relationship, try letting your lover really "look at you naked" as they tell you they love you.

Or for the seriously courageous, you can experience one of our sexy photo shoots. Most studios that offer 'sexy' or 'nude' shoots will have variations like sexy lingerie, boudoir or as we love to do a white sheet shoot - when you choose our white sheets shoot, you can be guaranteed to break down barriers and build confidence in just a matter of hours!

6. Give your body gratitude

This could be the hardest of them all (even harder than the photoshoot). Most people are terrible at giving themselves compliments and tend to focus on the negative. However, the power of gratitude is well documented, and it works with the body too. Simply stand naked in front of the mirror and find 5 things you love about your body and say them to yourself out loud while looking in your own eyes. Repeat this every day for at least a month and watch how easy it gets as you start to see how beautiful you are – inside and out!

7. Look at other women - real women

With the ongoing body positivity movement, there are hundreds of wonderful body positive ambassadors online these days offering a fresh perspective that will prove to you everybody and every body is beautiful.

8. Stand up straight

Depending on how you stand you can literally drop a dress size instantly. Making a concerted effort to improve your posture will also increase your confidence. Studies have shown that people who sit and stand straight have improved mood, increased oxygen and can help you to think clearer. And if we have learnt anything from the reality vs. Insta posts of fitness models and influences it is that shoulders back make the stomach look flatter – no matter what size you are!

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