Shooting for Self-Love

Shooting for Self-Love

A seasoned dancer many would be fooled into thinking that Kasia Robinson loves being centre stage. However, after years in the world of dance, Kasia is only now beginning to shine out of the shadows as she bit by bit rebuilds her eroded sense of self and body confidence.

Recently Kasia visited Studio Republic to push outside her comfort zone and “prove” to herself that she is sexy in her “bigger body.” Kasia is on a journey to loving the skin (& curves) she is in, stating:

“having been a dancer for years has picked a part and crumbled my body-confidence. I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom with self-love and now I am starting to bounce back. This shoot is a big part of that comeback and has given me a reason to push outside my comfort zone without feeling silly.”

Kasia decided the best way for her to break through her fears was to strip back and bare it all…. Kind of.

Choosing to do a Boudoir come White Sheet shoot, Kasia worked with the Studio Republic team to create some empowering and sexy shots that celebrated her body in all the right ways. Kasia says it was a goal for her to feel sexy in her body and she knew this was a great path forward no matter how much her head said it was a ridiculous idea.

This experience has been a big step forward in helping me on this journey to being kinder to myself

“I honestly didn’t know if I was going to go through with it. It didn’t seem real and my head kept telling me the idea was ridiculous. Suddenly I was in front of a camera semi-nude. By the I sat down in the chair for my second make-up look, I thought “ok, I’ve made it this far, I can do it.”

And the rest they say is history. When Kasia got back in front of the lens there was a fresh energy, her smile was a little wider, her eyes a little brighter. Relaxing into the rest of the shoot, the entire Studio Republic team were inspired to watch Kasia embrace her beauty.

Sitting down and waiting to see her images became more nerve-racking than being in front of the lens. Kasia was still not sure if she could pull off “sexy.” She was hesitant to be too confident and then she saw herself and, in that moment, Kasia realised

“the best feeling in the world is being able to look at myself and say damn I’m sexy. This experience has been a big step forward in helping me on this journey to being kinder to myself.”

Like many clients, Kasia didn’t need to fix, change or alter anything, she was and is already a stunning woman and all she needed was to embrace herself in the moment and see herself in a new light. The studio lights.

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