Hi I'm Berni. Originally from Gelsenkirchen in Germany, my family and I immigrated to Australia when I was just 6 years old. When we arrived in Australia I spoke fluent German and was basically thrown into school here and made to learn English and that was my first array into adapting and learning on the run!

My wife Traci and I started the Studio back in 2009. My background is varied and artistic having grown up with a father who is a realist painter and mother who is a folk artist it is in my genes. I have painted my entire life and followed this love to become a professional painter and decorator by trade.

Traci and I started Studio Republic (the name originating from my idea to call it "the people’s Republic of Photography" or PROP for short) to redefine the photography experience and offer a space for our clients to transform, and create an identity that exposes their most true self with bold confidence and individual style! These days I am basically the I.T and manual labour guy around here. After hours I love spending my time with my two puppies a German Schnauzer and American Cocker Spaniel and am slightly addicted to coffee… is 5 cups a day too much?

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