Here at Studio Republic I love to see how we can light people up; taking them through the process of the photoshoot is fun and challenging for some. But afterwards I like to see how their confidence can be boosted and they walk with more pride and joy. I hope to help cultivate the feeling in people for them to feel stronger in themselves. Sometimes it takes a nudge from someone outside of ourselves to believe what we want to believe, and to see that we are in fact magnificent, in one way or another.

In my ''me'' time, I love yoga, running and all other kinds of physical activities that get me outdoors and challenging myself. I can be a bit of a water baby, so you'll find me jumping into any water hole and swim at oddly cold temperatures. I love to explore all sorts of ways to be creative, so you'll also see me working on crafty projects at home and trying out new and novelty activities all the time.

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