What to Expect on the Day

What to Expect on the Day

What to expect on the day...

Meet & greet

We LOVE empowering people and can't wait to meet you and watch you own your OWN beauty! We'll take some time to talk through your outfits, vision, and goals you want to achieve within your photographic Session. Don't worry if you have some last-minute changes, (or have snuck in some lingerie), this day is all about YOU and will be tailored accordingly.

Pamper time!

Get ready to feel like a queen as our professionals do your hair and makeup. We specialise in all styles, from natural to Hollywood glam, the sky's the limit!

Look #1

SHOWTIME! Giggle, smile, and throw down some attitude with your own female photographer as she captures every angle that makes you shine! It's our job to capture and reflect your beauty back to you and we are really, really good at it!

Look #2

Time for a new outfit, hair, and makeup style, and off you go for more fun with your photographer! **Disclaimer - At this point, no one ever wants the day to end!**


Time for a quick break to indulge in your choice of snacks and beverages while we get your photos ready for viewing, exciting!


BE BLOWN AWAY! Yep, that’s YOU on the screen…. Be proud, be in awe, and BE FOREVER GRATEFUL for giving yourself the very best gift you ever could.

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