About Us

About Us

Studio Republic is home to the believers, the individuals, the confident and the ready.

Whether you feel it now or not, the truth is that you are only a red lip, smokey eye, blush stroke, and camera flash away from embracing your most bold, powerful self.

We are not just any photography studio. We are a group of friends, creatives, and professionals working together with a common goal: to make you feel and look your most bold and beautiful and give you a memory that reminds you of your beauty, brilliance, and bold every single day.

It is our vision to excite and empower all people to boldly express their individuality and celebrate the republic of one’s truest self.

And our mission to accomplish this is to provide a space, personal experience and products that celebrate the client and lets them (you) experiment and transform into a state of confidence and pride – both on the day and in the future.

If you are ready to meet yourself in a new way we are waiting…

Thanks for dropping by, we hope to see you in our photography studio soon!

SR Team xxx

You are only one moment away from feeling... invincible and worthy... seeing your deepest beauty revealed.. feeling confident in your skin

Established in 2009, Studio Republic is a photography studio that redefines the photography experience by creating a space for its clients to transform, and create, an identity that exposes their most true self with bold confidence and individual style.

Studio Republic celebrates individuality and exists to empower and elevate all people to be proud of who they are by capturing their most inner self in a timeless reminder of that moment when in their own skin, they felt invincible.

Based in an all-purpose studio on the Sunshine Coast and an on-tour road team, Studio Republic is an international award-winning team of professionals dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience through premium service and products

Things we VALUE:

  • Creativity – to create is to be in the world as you choose. We believe in pushing the boundaries and seeking new frontiers in life, design, art, and business.
  • Confidence – knowing that you are worth it, that you deserve it, that you can do it. We believe the first step to achieving and having anything in life is the belief that you
  • Individuality – expressing the truth of who you are with freedom and quirk. We believe you are perfect in your imperfections and when shared they are your personal
  • Passion boldly living as you choose with the dedication to pursue all that lights you up. We believe that life is an unchartered adventure in which curiosity and passion are the best maps to follow


Studio Republic is a photography studio that comprises a group of talented & dedicated creative professionals who aspire to raise the bar – for themselves and for their clients. Over the years we are beyond grateful to have been nominated for many awards and super proud to have won a few too!


  • Lana Turner Customer Service Manager of the Year - Silver Stevie Winner - Las Vegas
  • Traci Castle Business Development Professional of the Year – Silver Stevie Winner - Las Vegas
  • Studio Republic Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year - Other Service Industries - Silver Stevie Winner - Las Vegas
  • Best Full-Service Photo Studio In Queensland - Awarded by Apac Insider Magazine - Studio Republic


  • Best Full-Service Photo Studio In Queensland - Awarded by Apac Insider Magazine - Studio Republic


  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year - International Stevie Awards Silver Winner - Traci Castle, Founder and Director - New York
  • Women-Run Workplace of the Year - International Stevie Awards Bronze Winner - Studio Republic - New York
  • Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia - Anthill Magazine Awards Winner - Studio Republic
  • International Photo Awards - Honorable Mention Winner's - Studio Republic Photographer's Lauren Biggs, Traci Castle


  • Australian Institute of Management Awards - Region Winner - Traci Castle


  • Creative Executive of the Year - International Stevie Business Awards Bronze Award Winner - Presented in Seoul, South Korea - Traci Castle


  • Emerging Leaders Award - Project 2000 What Working Women Want, Top 3 Finalist - Traci Castle
  • Creative Category - Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards - Finalist - Traci Castle

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