The SR Experience

What if the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be... is how you see yourself

You are invited to see...

You are ENOUGH

You are WORTHY


You are READY

Beautiful photos are not about vanity they are about celebrating. It is not often in life that we stop and take a moment to acknowledge, cherish and celebrate numero uno! Life is busy and there are things to get done and if we are really honest, many of us just don't believe that we deserve to spend time, money and energy on celebrating ourselves? Or maybe we think we are not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, successful enough, confident enough?


Every day we photograph people just like you and we have been doing so for over 10 years. What we have learned from the thousands of shoots we have done is that EVERYBODY has BEAUTY.

Regardless of the flaws, you think you see and the stories your mind tells you... you are beautiful and we want to show you!

Sometimes we just need to be shown something in a new light, through the right lens and with the right perspective to recognise that which has always been but never discovered!

So, if you dare, and even if you don't, your transformation awaits...

The Studio Republic Experience…

What to expect - all the feels included!

  • Wake up and feel nervous, question yourself and then take a deep breath and repeat to self “I am worth this and I am fabulous!”
  • Arrive at Studio Republic feeling like a kid on the first day of a new school
  • Quickly breathe a sigh of relief when you realise there is no “mean girls” here
  • Sit with your personal producer to discuss your shoot style, outfits and ideas for what you want to create
  • Be pampered by expert, award winning make-up artists as they transform your look from day self to dream self
  • Giggle, smile and throw down some serious attitude with our award-winning photographers as they capture every angle that makes you shine! They will show you how to do it like a pro!
  • Realise that this is waaaaay too fun and then great ready to change things up for round two…
  • New outfit, new style and new backgrounds… you now feel like family and you can feel your bold, confident self, shine through
  • Wonder where the time went as you prepare to view your photos in an instant private screening
  • Start to get nervous, then fight off that fear by repeating “I am a kick-ass superstar and I am going to look uh-mazing!”
  • Meet up with your private producer to see yourself in your finest light! Be prepared to fall in love with the coolest person in the room – you!
  • Feel empowered by how many photos you love as you pick your favourite shots to keep forever, to celebrate yourself with family, friends and most importantly, you!
  • Leave the Studio walking on cloud 9 feeling like your best self just walked off a set of a movie and into real life!

I loved every moment of the shoot! The team makes you feel so good about yourself and produces great quality images that you are sure to love!

Hayley H

When one loses themselves in their ever-busy world, it’s always nice to see yourself in a different light. Thank you for the beautiful experience, kind and encouraging ladies.

Jess Kemp

This was the first step in changing the narrative I had about myself. It has been the single most terrifying and yet fulfilling thing I’ve done just for me. EVER.

Sharon Allen

I cannot express how amazing my photoshoot yesterday made me feel. It was something that I had been dreaming about for a long time but couldn't afford. I went in feeling so nervous but Tarsha, Lauren and the whole team made me feel so comfortable and empowered. I had a very hard year last year and it left me with visible scars, seeing the photos nearly brought me to tears. They were so accommodating, allowing me to bring my motorbike inside. 100% worth it. Something I would love to do again.

Shelley Lindbeck

I walked in like a little nervous mouse, but the fun and gorgeous ladies of Studio Republic quickly turned all my nerves into absolute excitement and I had such a brilliant day!! What an experience to have in your lifetime! Just do it! XO

Amanda Pool

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