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13 years ago when I started SR, I didn’t understand the impact a business could have on people’s mindset.

To be able to help people see that they ARE worthy, they ARE deserving and they ARE BEAUTIFUL is an absolute honour and I absolutely cherish being able to facilitate this space for people. Because EVERYONE deserves to look in the mirror and see "Beauty is me".


Building brands has always been my thing... I never dreamed that I could do that alongside 'building' people.

I know I'm lucky to never have that Monday morning-itis or the Sunday night dread. It sounds braggy (I'm sorry) but when you step foot into our studio, you'll feel it too... A 'safe to be yourself', 'proud to be a part of it', kinda place.
It blows me away every single day just how much of an impact our team has on people.
I'm truly excited about the future of SR. Our vision is massive (!) and I'll continue to be humbled in the trust that you show us daily, every single step of the way.



Prior to joining this incredible team after many years in retail management I didn’t realise there was a space that I could go to everyday that would allow me to be ME and spend my days doing something I was truly passionate about.

You know that age old saying “find something you love doing and you won’t work a day in your life” – yup… that’s me! I found it! This place is magical. I like to refer to anyone that does a shoot with us as being butterflies in a cocoon… once they’ve spent some time here they suddenly break free and start to fly! We are all about empowerment and finding your own beauty which I just LOVE!



I'll never forget the first moment I walked into Studio Republic's doors and felt like I'd finally come home. We practice everything we preach - confidence, empowerment, being vulnerable and OWNING your own beauty on the outside but more importantly on the INSIDE! (How lucky am I to be a part of something like that?!)

We OWN our individuality and like a family, we each bring our own form of passion, innovation and love into every day and every person that we meet. For most, the idea of a photoshoot can feel a little bit scary (right?). Maybe you’re trying something new, throwing caution to the wind or maybe you want to find that confidence again. My promise (and favourite part about SR) is no matter how vulnerable you are with us (especially me with a camera in my hand!), we will be right by your side the whole time. There is no judgement and I (pinky) promise that if you place your trust in us we will be your biggest cheerleader and show you the real YOU! I can't wait to meet you! X



I LOVE the opportunity I get every day to share in each person’s amazingness and watch the transformations happen in front of my very eyes.

The boost, the confidence, the realisation that I AM enough, and I AM beautiful. The tears, the journey and mainly the fact I meet ‘everyday people’ willing to push themselves into greatness. I am lucky enough to be there from the beginning of your journey into the next chapter of your life and create some phenomenal memories. I cannot wait to meet you!



As soon as I walked through our doors for the first time, I knew I was in the right place. The vibe and essence of SR is electric and you can't help but feel it.

I love my role as I get to see you at every stage of your journey, from the start when you're feeling all the feels, to the end when you have really thrived off this experience. I feel honoured hearing things like "Thanks for talking with me today and listening to my story, you've made my day"… what you don’t realise is that you also make mine! Everyone's story is unique and every day I'm inspired by people just like you.











I can honestly say I feel downright blessed to be working here! Not only am I following my passion, but I get to work alongside the most amazing, positive and fun bunch of people and we get to create jaw dropping experiences for other incredible humans. Talk about a dream!!

There is nothing I love more than seeing you step into your power in front of the camera and walk out of our studio buzzing with excitement, oozing with confidence and smiling from ear to ear! As someone who has overcome her own personal insecurities, there really is no greater feeling of fulfillment than helping others do the same. I’m truly grateful to be here.

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