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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM3 min read

7 ways to celebrate your pets this Christmas (& every other day)

Pets. They are like humans but way better!

No matter whether you are a cat, dog, horse, fish, bird or even a goat kinda person, it goes without saying pets are one of the most rewarding and loyal friendships you could ever invest in.

For many, our fur babies are just as, if not more, important than the human children (probably because they don’t talk back)! They provide us with companionship, unconditional love, emotional support and someone that will always listen. They are also really, really, really adorable & funny!

So, in honour of our Fur Babies, here are our top 7 ways to celebrate (aka spoil) your pets this Christmas - of course we think number 7 is the best!

1. Buy them presents too

Your pets, like your children, love to be the centre of attention – even your cats like it even though they ignore you the majority of the time! So, include them in the gift giving too with a special new scratch post, chew toy or even just make sure there is lots of Christmas paper for them to play with!

2. Outings

Christmas can be stressful and hectic so do you and your furry BFF a favour and head out together for a visit to the beach or the dog park for some stress-reducing fun! Obviously, if your BFF is more of a cat/fish/bird species staying at home, together, with Christmas Carols may be a safer option.

3. Play Dress Ups

Ok, this might be more for you (& your insta account) than them…. BUT it is so damn cute! There is a huge range of fun and festive pet clothes from bow ties to full elf outfits available and dressing/ decorating your pet in something festive is a sure-fire way to guarantee they are the centre of attention all season long!

4. Donate on their behalf

This is one for all their friends, brothers and sisters of the animal kind. Donate to a worthy charity that looks after abandoned, mistreated and in-need animals. At Studio Republic we are proud to support a range of organisations that look after the welfare of animals including our local Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge who work tirelessly to rehome abandoned cats and dogs.

5. Prepare them holiday treats

Whether it is home-made treats, their favourite cut of meat or a big juicy bone, just like us humans, pets love to eat! So, on Christmas morning while you are enjoying a ham and cheese croissant and some eggnog, let them indulge too… just make sure it is pet-friendly, because no-one wants to deal with pet diarrhea on Christmas day!

6. Invite their friends over to play

Again, this one may be more the puppy parents because you know, cats are so extrovert and friendly with others (said no-one ever) but this is such a fun way to include your pups in get-togethers. Invite their puppy pals over, bake some treats and let them sniff each other’s butts (we mean play), while you enjoy a prosecco with their parents!

To add even more fun, theme the party and have all the fur babies dress up…. Just imagine the Instagram fodder!

7. Take pictures (have a photoshoot) together

This is literally our favourite (we actually do it all the time) and it does not matter if you are a dog person, a cat person or even a duck-person. The ULTIMATE way to celebrate (and cherish) your pet is to get photos, and to get photos together. At Studio Republic some of our favourite shoots are of pets and their owners….

Like when Kate came to visit us for a fun, sexy and edgy shoot with her dogs! The whole studio came alive and Kate had the time of her life saying “My favourite part of the shoot was laying on the bed in a black tulle tutu and having my fur babies up there playing… it was so much fun, hilarious!"

Getting a professional photoshoot with your pets can be a quite a strange idea for some, however, it is such a unique and fun experience that makes having a photo-shoot about more than just getting great images – it becomes about capturing memories that will last fur-ever! Book NowCelebrate your fur babies and book a shoot today!


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“My favourite part of the shoot was laying on the bed in a black tulle tutu and having my fur babies up there playing… it was so much fun, hilarious!”