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AdminJun 20, 2024 1:00:00 AM3 min read

In her words - "Reclaiming Me

Rochelle McMahon did not want us to feature her story. She was happy just getting her shoot and enjoying her images. However, when she got home and sent us the best thank you we have ever received we had no choice but to beg her to be featured.


The below story from Rochelle is WHY Studio Republic exists. To support women to see themselves in the best life, to inspire them to celebrate who they are and to have them feel at home in their own being and proud – of themselves, their family and their life.


Today we are simply going to share Rochelle’s Story as we received it, authentic, proud, expressive and moving.

“Life’s journey is a funny thing...

I stepped into Studio Republic on the day of my shoot, with a desire to find something. I had been struggling with changes in my life and ultimately knowing where I fit in society. As I reach middle-age, I find how my perspective continues to expand and how grace and beauty are everywhere.

This shoot for me was a bit rebellious really. I chose to do it solo – no family allowed – this was for me, I needed to fill my cup so that I could continue to keep giving to my family and being their foundation to strive forward for their dreams.

Beyond indulging in the utter exuberance of being pampered (again all about me), I was reminded at my shoot how creative I am. I once again remembered, that anything is always possible and there is so much more I can do outside of my role as a wife and mother. It was so refreshing to find myself amidst a group of creative women, a place where I felt at home and connected as myself. Sometimes you can find yourself in groups where you are just treading common ground, not really connecting at that raw, instinctive level. Being with the Studio Republic team I felt that I belonged, playing in the realms of fashion, art and beauty made me feel alive.

Today, I feel that bit brighter, I feel more like me. I feel fantastic and confident in this skin I am in and realise that I am important too.

I find that we can age gracefully and with acceptance or we can try to avoid the reality that is literally dragging parts of us down (good old gravity) … To embrace one self, to full accept who we are and stand with pride and a smile is liberating.

Right now, I feel like I have the best work of my life yet to produce. I see how my past experiences combined with the understanding I now have (since our shoot) of the importance to nurture one’s creativity & self-expression are paramount to living one’s best life.

Wow, what a wonderful gift...

So since getting crazy and having my shoot (which had phenomenal results) I have a plan set out with my husband to move forward into my best expression of self.

This experience gave me so much more than just the photos I will eventually receive. It gave me inspiration. It gave me a chance to chat to three beautiful ladies, that were so easy to be around. It reminded me why some people will just never like me and why others take a chance on me. To me, it was a short course given to myself, in which I passed and saw my beauty, my worth and my future.

So, I wanted to share this with you. I’m certain everyone who walks through those doors, have their own personal reasons, but they may not have been searching for the depth of what’s next, like I have been and you may never realise the impact you really, truly have.

Thank you once again ladies & until next time, stay happy & keep being your WONDERFUL selves!!”

Our clients are the reason we exist. Capturing their boldest, most beautiful self is our passion. Empowering them is a by-product that is the best present we could ever receive.

Thank you, Rochelle, your time with us was as inspirational for us as you.



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