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AdminJun 20, 2024 2:00:00 AM3 min read

Having a professional shoot changed how I felt about me!

What is the true power of a lens? Could having a photoshoot really impact how you truly feel about yourself?

Well, if you are Lucinda Richards, the answer is yes! After years of always wanting to be confident enough to capture some sexy, fierce images of herself – because women are allowed to feel sexy and cool – Lucinda decided that turning 28 was the perfect time and reason to just do it!

“I have done this for myself to prove myself wrong and finally quiet the doubts. I did this to show myself that I AM AMAZING and SEXY even if I don’t always see it.”

From the day she booked her shoot, she admits that she was nervous. Like most people, she worried that she would be “awful at posing” (she nailed it) and she doubted that she could actually look sexy (impossible)…

Through the shoot, Lucinda indulged as she was pampered like the models she often admired in magazines. However, it was never about a person’s particular body or shape that she aspired to capture, it was their confidence and the sexiness they exuded in owning who they are.

Working with her photographer, Lucinda said she easily discovered her “edgier, sexy side.” And before the shoot was done her confidence levels were overflowing as each of her Studio Republic Team supported her to experience herself in a new way – with kindness, care, and no judgment.

For many, it is not the experience of a photo shoot that stops them from committing – because who wouldn’t want to be pampered and feel amazing? – it is not knowing what to do with the photos after…. #noonewantstobevain

Go for a shoot and let the camera and photos show you who you are. – Lucinda Richards

To this, Lucinda was ecstatic to share exactly what she will be doing,

“I cannot wait to see them hung on my wall as a constant reminder, that I am the boss and I am the only one who can tell me that I am amazing, and I am in control. You may not always be able to see it in the mirror, but the fun, no-judgment freedom that you feel when seeing your most bold self in a photo can’t change. It is still, it is permanent, and it has no time for your self-doubt.”

Self-confidence is a fickle emotion. For many, it can be fleeting and sometimes a struggle. But what if confidence is simply a state of mind and the more we can feed that positive belief through seeing, feeling and acknowledging our strengths, positive attributes and the wonderful person we are, the more of it we will have.

Photos are a wonderful opportunity to capture a state of being and can transport you back to that time and place where you felt invincible.

For Lucinda, her shoot was about letting herself explore her desire to feel sexy, to see her body and her beauty in a new way. Sometimes one experience can transform you and when there is a world filled with uncontrollable what- if’s you are not always guaranteed on a positive outcome. Sometimes taking the opportunity to choose your own experience can be the most powerful thing you can do for you.

“My mantra is always to love yourself first, so others can love you, from this experience and the beautiful images I will have forever I am overflowing. I can see that I am a sexy woman and that is ok to share with the world. After all the only person I really need to impress, the only person I really need to like me is me.”

If you would like to take your own adventure into the lens and capture your most confident, bold self then why not do a NIKE and book your own shoot today.


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