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AdminJun 20, 2024 6:51:39 PM3 min read

Curved Confidence

In 2016 the world’s most famous plus-sized model, Ashley Graham broke barriers when she featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Graham is perhaps the most recognisable plus-size model in the world, however when we look at women killing it with “Curve Confidence” she is one of many.

From the likes of the ever-hilarious Rebel Wilson to the angelic voice of Adele, women world round are showing that confidence is sexy, and confidence is stylish – no matter your dress size!

So in celebration of curves and confidence here are 5 everyday flying the flag and showing us all how to kill it in life, by being our most beautiful, bold self!

1. Pretty for Plus Size

Kate is a self-described 20-something living in Brisbane who loves any excuse to dress up and get out. Sick and tired of hearing “oh, you are so pretty for a fat girl” and feeling like less of a human/less attractive/less valuable because of her size, she wants to give young women a space that makes navigating the plus size fashion industry easier so that they can all feel more confident & Sexy.


2. Katie Parrot

Katie Parrot is a plus-size young professional based in Tasmania who loves fashion, beauty, travel and body positivity. Her Instagram is filled with cool, cute and functional #fatworkwardrobe options as well as casual weekend faves. This girl is uber cool and shows how to wear amazing styles and patterns with confidence and flair!

3. Styling You

Nikki Parkinson is the woman behind Styling You – the brand and the label. Giving all women the confidence, they need to rock their everyday style, Nikki shares amazing looks and behind the scenes moments on her Instagram. On her blog you will find an array of inspiration from events, to latest products and tips and hints from the experts. Not to be missed is the monthly “Model & Me” showcase where Nikki takes an outfit on a “regular,” size 6-8 model and shows what it looks like on her in a size 14!

Styling you has recently launched as a label too – featuring uber comfy gear designed to flatter all sizes while providing functionality to get you through your busiest of days!

Being who you are is the only choice


4. Wait until Sunset

Olivia is literally like sunset. Her photos are filled with pure joy and she delights with a fresh use of bright colours and shining smiles. A full-paediatric nurse, moonlighting as a fashion blogger (she is totally killing it), Olivia is, as she says “happy, beautiful and confident,” she also just happens to be a size 22!

Olivia shares amazing finds on her plus-size adventure and inspires with effortless chic and amazing style. She is the real deal and a true promoter of loving yourself, as you are, right now, in the skin you are in!


5. Suger Coat it

Melissa Walker Horn aka Suger has been blogging since 2009 and loves social media nearly as much as her husband! She is honest, straight talking and is a serial careerist who says she simply wants to offer the gift of self-awareness and confidence. This woman is the real deal and her mission is something we can all get behind:

“My mission? To build confidence and self-awareness in women. To provide the tools to live a self-sufficient, successful, profitable, joyful life...”

In life there is little more appealing than a person who knows who they are and are ready to love themselves without condition. Every day at Studio Republic we are lucky enough to meet and shoot amazing kick-ass, beautiful women - who choose to celebrate themselves and their bodies – curves, bumps and all the lumps!

Celebrating yourself – as you are – in today’s world is an act of rebellion – so join us and let’s become rebels together!



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