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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM2 min read

Tattoo photo shoots - a new trend in ink, have you had yours?

With its origins dating back as far as 12,000 years, the tradition of tattooing has spread far and wide becoming a path of storytelling for their owners, each with a unique reason behind why.

Back in the day, ancient Egyptians and Indians used tattoos as a method of healing and religious worship. In the Philippines, tattoos were a mark of rank and accomplishment - believed to have magical properties.

Today, in the 21st century, Tattoos are a personal declaration. From a love of ink and body decoration to a commemoration of a personal journey, shared experience with a loved one or a tribal marking they are more socially accepted (and adorned) than ever before.

Tattoos are not merely a fashion statement. Tattoos are a personal form of differentiation. And they are also, as in years gone by a form of healing. They are a declaration to society of who you are; the ultimate self-expression.

Tattoos are also the ultimate statement piece... for your walls (hello FB, Insta & Snap friends) and old school style - literally, like in your home!

Tattoos on the human body offer an opportunity to create a truly magnificent art that is beyond a simple portrait. When we are working with ink - we have the opportunity to capture abstract forms, focusing on the ink more than the person. Each tattoo has a deep meaning and when we combine the story of the tattoo with different poses, we create a piece of art that honours this story. It is a portrait of your journey & expression of the soul, captured in a timeless memory.

“My life story is documented on my body, I love this self-expression, it shows who I am and what I stand for..."

Tattoo photo shoots often produce images their owners are so excited to share with others, unlike some other styles of photography, where nerves of being judged can sometimes (although wrongly) creep in, when the photos are about the tattoos the images are more like an abstract art piece. And you are the muse.

So, why do people choose to do a tattoo photo shoot? I guess it is much the same as why they choose to get a tattoo.


Besides wanting to capture an awesome image (seriously, check some of them out below), many clients find that after investing so much in their ink and documenting their journey through their tattoos, why would they not want to capture it on film too?

One client put it beautifully:

“My life story is documented on my body, I love this self-expression, it shows who I am and what I stand for, and when my body is gone, I want future generations, my kids, my grandkids and so on, to know and see the full version of me – to see my story. Also, I wanted to show off my ink in a kick-ass way, and this to me is art.”

Whether you have one tattoo as a reminder of the triumph over hard times, a few hidden gems that are for you, or your body is an endless tale of the life you are living - each stamp has a story that deserves to be captured!

And if you love documenting your story, you can join us for a tattoo photo shoot and let us capture your ink creating a timeless piece of art for you to cherish forever.


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