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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM1 min read

Beyond fitting in: Building a portfolio that elevates.

Being a 20-year-old in 2019 isn’t the easiest task.

Firstly, there is social media – love it or hate it – if you are a Generation Z resident, it is quite literally “just a part of life.” Digital natives’ teens and young adults of today are comfortable behind a screen and happy - at least to some degree - to share their loves, their lives and their losses publicly.

Those of Generation Z are also native to messages like “Live life on your terms,” and “create the future you want today,” which some have suggested make the younger folks flippant and non-committal.

However, there is another breed of Gen Z that has taken the access to social media, the belief that life is in your hands and proven that these ideals mixed with commitment and hard-work can produce beauty, opportunity and in this case stunning images!

Claudia Weston is a 20-year old gymnast who is backing herself in her craft and life. Recently she popped by Studio Republic to update her portfolio with an array of images that showcased her talent and her beauty.

“I was so excited and a little nervous. I wanted to update my folio and also use some of the images for sponsorship and social. Images like these will help me grow my personal brand.”

Images like these will help me grow my personal brand

Doing an “active” shoot, Claudia was challenged with new poses that provided her with increased confidence especially with headshots. Choosing to model, compete or be involved in industries such as gymnastics comes with open scrutiny and it takes drive and passion to put yourself out there.

“I loved trying all the new poses, things I had never thought of. The photographer was amazing on the day and I just loved how supportive and encouraging the team were, I felt so looked after!”

In a world where it is said that our next generations lack vision and clarity, Claudia is stepping up to prove that everyone is beautiful in their own way and the best way to “fit in” is to be brave, be bold and just be you!

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