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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM2 min read

I now want to show off my curves!

I never imagined that I would experience such freedom. It was so easy to just let go and step outside my comfort zone without having to worry about being judged…

Confidence means different things for different people. Confidence is a feeling that comes from the essence of who you are. And it is this essence, the eternal being of a woman that when captured can create shifts. Often, what we see in a photo is what we think to be true – it’s the personal projections we have about ourselves that we push onto the image.

So, imagine what it would feel like, seeing an image and discovering that the projections you hold may be false, or at least not the whole picture.

Amy Taylor-Hinds had always wanted to do a professional photoshoot, she wanted to see another side of herself, be pampered and experience something new. Amy just didn’t realise how much having a professional shoot would affect her.

“I now feel more beautiful than ever and I care about what I am wearing. I actually want to bring my curves out more!”

There is magic that happens when a woman gives herself permission to play and explore. And like Amy, many of the women (and men) that get a shoot at Studio Republic are most surprised by how the experience builds their confidence and can drastically change how they see and feel about themselves. Sometimes, they even discover something completely new about themselves.

“Now the shoot is done, I feel fantastic. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“These images show a side of me that nobody sees. It is a side I didn’t realise existed. Where I once felt fat and lumpy, now seeing how good my photos looked, I feel sexy and I want to get out there and party in life.”

Amy believes that being able to say, do and wear, what she wants without the fear and worry of what other people might say or think is the definition of self-confidence. It is this sense of freedom in her own skin that is priceless and for her, being in a room with strangers that believed in her was the experience that freed her.

Actually, Amy now feels so happy in herself that she cannot wait to display her images all over her house so that she can show off that not-so-seen side of herself to everyone... And then she wants to come and do it all over again….

“Now the shoot is done, I feel fantastic. I can’t wait to do it again.”

If, like Amy, you are ready to feel fantastic and show off a not-so-seen side of you, we would love to see you for your own personal empowerment shoot - on special for just $99 - normally $500.


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