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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM2 min read

Milestone Memories

All of our clients have a particular reason they have chosen to do a shoot. Whether it be a birthday present to themselves, a decision to step outside their comfort zone or just a desire to want to have some fun and dress up. Sharnae Musso is no different, except her shoot was as much about celebration as it was about marking a milestone – a milestone she wanted to remember forever.

“I chose to have a shoot because I wanted to feel glamorous, confident and inspire other girls and women. I also did the shoot because it was a 3-month milestone for me. I was a drug addict and went clean on my own, I am celebrating and marking this moment, looking at how far I have come.”

From the day she booked Sharnae was excited. There was no doubt in her mind how she wanted to see herself after her makeover. She came to the studio with a clear vision of her transformation, and all we had to do was let her take the lead.

Confidence is knowing who I am, what I want and then choosing to go after it

“I feel absolutely amazing. I am blown away by the whole experience, I look exactly how I wanted, and the whole team made me feel so relaxed. I would do it all again. Tomorrow! I loved it”

Looking forward in her journey, Sharnae acknowledges that having self-confidence, or the lack thereof was one of the reasons she ended up with drugs. However, now being clean she has a new understanding of herself and what confidence means.

“Confidence is knowing who I am, what I want and then choosing to go after it. I used to get it from the drugs, but now I get it from myself. I can see that taking action based on my values is what gives me confidence. Fear is what holds us back as it’s the unknown we are generally unsure of but to grow as a person and be able to jump out and do something we are not 100% sure of – like this shoot for me – is what benefits us most. It is that feeling you get when you accomplish it, that feeling is everything.”

Sharnae Musso realises that her battle albeit a new one now is not completely won. Knowing that there will be tough days ahead, she understands that the key is to be present and appreciate what today is. Celebrating the milestones is what keeps her striving forward and with her “milestone shoot” now under her belt, she has the drive to keep going, she can see in her images she is on the right track.

“The images reflect me as a person, they make me feel empowered and will always remind me that I am strong, I am determined, and I can achieve anything. When I look at my images, I see the real me, me I am proud of.”

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