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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM2 min read

I can't believe it is me in the photos!

Nervous on a long drive to the studio, Sarah Vincent was not sure what to expect when she arrived at Studio Republic for her professional photoshoot. It was a big step - some might say a leap of faith - for her to get in front of the camera and have photos taken, but it was something she had to do.

“I chose to have the photoshoot to try and build some more self-confidence”

As soon as Sarah walked in the door of the studio on the day of her photoshoot, the anxiety quickly shifted to excitement and Sarah LOVED everything from there on in. She was amazed at how much she enjoyed the posing and angles, was overcome by her transformation and like many clients, could not believe that all “those awkward poses translated to simply incredible photos and images.”

The perception of what goes into a photoshoot can be deceiving. As the world becomes more connected and with the rise of social celebrities, many people might assume that having a shoot is just a big case of playing dress up, however, as Sarah discovered nothing could be further from the truth.

“I can’t believe the preparation that is involved, how the whole team is there ready to meet the client’s needs and make them feel beautiful, it is amazing and to be commended.”

“The end result, watching the images after the shoot – I think I was a little taken back. I kept saying, wow, is that really me?”

At Studio Republic we spend hours in preparation for each shoot ensuring that we have everything we need to indulge our clients by creating their perfect style and making them feel beautiful, it is our job to make you believe in you.

“I see a different perspective – a sultry, sexy look that I haven’t personally seen before and it was such a confidence boost! I really love the style of the images, it expresses who I am and seeing those images just gave me an extra spark.”

As a child growing up, Sarah experienced some bullying and was often picked on because of the colour of her hair. Being a true warrior, she learned extremely quickly that in life it doesn’t matter what others think of you, it is about what you believe. Sarah knows her experience gave her a thicker skin, that in honesty, has translated to strength later in life. She knows who she is and that her people – those close friends and family – love her because of those differences.

When we can see beyond our perceived flaws, or maybe it is just seeing them, and ourselves in a new light, we are free to love on ourselves a little more. For Sarah, a day in front of the camera resulted in a whole new understanding of who she was and as she says, “it was a blast – just so much fun!”


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