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AdminJun 17, 2023 11:23:02 AM3 min read

Professional photos: because selfies won’t cut it for your business!

In the online world photos matter. In the business world, professionalism matters. In the everyday world being real and authentic matters. So, when we mash together all the things that matter this day in age, it is fair to say that professional photos that share the real and authentic side of any business or brand with an online presence matter.

And although many businesses might think that it is cheaper and easier to simply use stock photography, or even worse think that they don’t need photos at all, the reality is that using good-quality professional photos is a must! Professional photos are one of the fastest routes to engage with clients, create a great first impression and stand apart from the competition.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. People do judge a book by its cover!

Yes, yes, we know that this is not kosher, and we have all been told since we were little that we should not judge a book by its cover or a person by the company they keep.

But we are human, and we do. We all do.

Actually, did you know that a person will judge your site/profile/business in 1.5 seconds online?! That is a very short amount of time to make an impact - which is why taking photos of yourself or getting a mate to take one is not ideal. Professional photos allow you to curate the image you want your business to have and ensures that people have the right impression from the first click.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

Images speak to the brain in a different way. They are emotive and have the ability to create a connection with the audience faster than words alone. A good image will tell its audience a story….

For a personal brand, it will provide a sense of the values you have, it will invite people to know you and if done right will spark the beginning of a relationship (why do you think Tinder is so popular). It can give your brand a personality and let you communicate its personality and feel to your audience, attracting the right clients. Professional photos can create a story with a single shot, they can show how you work and communicate the passion you have for your business, brand, and clients.

What story are your business images telling?

In the corporate space and for other small to medium businesses, investing in professional photos can differentiate your business from the competitor, giving prospective clients an authentic insight into your day-to-day, introducing your team and showing off your skills.

From a sales perspective, professional photographers know how to tell a story and use your images to connect with the story, values, and needs of your audience. This connection builds trust, it is the beginning of a relationship and a precursor to making a sale of any type.

People buy from people they like. In the online world, this means people buy from people they like the look of. #peoplewillstalkyou

3. Professional photos are versatile

What makes professional photos actually even more affordable is their versatility.

One image can be used across multiple mediums for your brand. From print ads, brochures and billboards to social profiles and your website, when you have good images you can produce multiple pieces of quality content to share with audiences.

Using good images that are optimised across different channels will increase your exposure and make your business more searchable (think alt tags and SEO optimised captions) meaning that the people that are looking for you will find you….

And when they arrive, they can easily connect with the story of who you are, what you value and how you can help them.

Ultimately the images you use in your marketing collateral, online on your social platforms and on your website represent your brand as much as your staff and products do. Professional photos are a great hassle-free way to be able to convey your brand in its best light and show your audience how and why you are different from the guy (or gal) next door.

Looking to differentiate your brand? Want to update your professional profiles?

We specialise in capturing the story of you, your brand and your business – so that your audience gets the right first impression! Contact us to book in your next shoot today!


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